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What weeds does the Pond Restore System
The Pond Restore System is designed to remove
floating vegetation that include Duckweed, Watermeal
and Azolla. Pond Restore is also effective at removing
small particles and small dubris that is on the waters
surface.  Large debris may cause the pump to

How often do I need to use the Pond Restore
The Pond Restore system begins working immediately
removing the floating vegetation from your ponds
surface. As you start to control the vegetation
problem you will begin to decrease the need to run
the Pond Restore System. If you are able to control
the vegetation problem in its beginning stages it will
ultimately reduce the overall need for the Pond
Restore System. If you have a severe vegetation
problem, then you may need to run the Pond Restore
System for a longer period of time.

Do I need anything in addition to what is supplied
with the Pond Restore System?
The Pond Restore System is gasoline powered so you
will need to fill the system with gas as needed. The
Pond Restore System will provide all other equipment
to run the Pond Restore System.

What about maintenance?
Maintenance on the Pond Restore System is very
simple. The filtration system will need to be replaced
or removed and cleaned out each time it is full,   
removing any dubris trapped in the pump as needed,
and checking and maintaining the level of motor oil in
the pump.

Is it safe for the fish?
It is possible for small fish, tadpoles, frogs and other
small aquatic animals to be pulled into the pump.  
Normally this is not the case, but a screen can be
attached if this is a concern.

Can I use it on all types of Vegetation?
No. It is designed to remove the small floating types of
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How do I dispose of the vegetation?
Ponds with alot of vegetation will collect several pounds
of vegetation in the filter.  The vegetation will need to be
disposed of routinely.  Failure to do so will result in the
vegetation to decay and a strong odor will result.

How often will I need to replace the filter?
The filter should be replaced once it is full.  The time to fill
the filter will vary depending on the size of the filter and
the density of the vegetation.

Will the vegetation continue to comeback?
If you run the system routinely you will be able to control
the vegetation.  To remove all of the vegetation is almost
impossible, however by adding fish that feed on the
vegation and airiation you can severely reduce the
vegetation population.