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Alternative Solutions:

: One type of aeration known as "Bubble Aeration" uses a compressor on shore that disperses air
through a tube to the deepest area in the pond or lake to circulate the water.  This process helps create a
circulation pattern that prevents the formation of bottom settlements leaving less nutrients resulting in less
Duckweed and Watermeal vegetation. While Aeration is common and can help with Duckweed and Watermeal
problems, it is not uncommon to have vegetation problems with Aeration systems.

Chemical Control: Chemical herbicides can prevent Duckweed and Watermeal by killing the floating vegetation
on the waters surface but the dead vegetation sinks to the bottom of the water leaving nutrients for any living
vegetation to survive on. Any remaining living plants will feed on the nutrients continuing the cycle.

Manual Control: Duckweed and Watermeal prevention can be done by physically removing the Duckweed or
Watermeal from the pond. Unfortunately, the rapid growth pattern of Duckweed and Watermeal doesn't allow for
manual removal to solve the problem entirely. If attempted, the vegetation removal requires an extremely fine
mesh material or net to remove the Duckweed and Watermeal. Watermeal problems can be more difficult to
manually control due to its size.  With the vegetation being less than 1 millimeter it is difficult to find a mesh that
can capture the plant for it to be removed.  

Although nearly all of these solutions may help with the vegetation problem, they may not provide permanent
results, can be harmful or are not very practical and may take several years too see results.
Watermeal removed from a pond
by the Pond Restore System
The Pond Restore Solution:

Many ponds collect unwanted nutrients that can result in vegetation
problems that overtake the surface of the water leading to oxygen
depletion and fish kills.  Major sources of unwanted nutrients can
include geese, fertilizer, agricultural field run-off, and inefficient
septic systems. Additionally, leaves in large amounts can cause
problems following successive years of build up resulting in high

The Pond Restore system is a safe and effective way to remove
floating vegetation without the use of chemicals by removing the
plants and putting an end to the ongoing cycle. The Pond Restore
system begins removing the vegetation immediately where as
aeration, chemicals, and manual removal may take several weeks.
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