The Pond Restore System - Here's how it works:

The Pond Restore System removes the unwanted vegetation from the waters surface as the
systems gasoline powered pump pulls the vegetation into the sumerged collection unit. The
powerful suction from the pump creates a natural whirl pool effect pulling the water and
vegetation into the collection unit. Both the ponds surface water and surface vegetation are
carried through the suction hose to the discharge hose where its ran through a filter capturing the
vegetation yet allowing the filtered water back into the pond.  This process also helps aeriate the

The standard filtration bag will hold a large volume of vegetation, typically ranging from 50 to 100
pounds per hour. Removal rates vary based on the density of the ponds vegetation.
Watermeal removed by The Pond Restore
Pond  Restore filtration system capturing
un-wanted Watermeal in an idustrial sized
Pond Restore pulling water and vegetation
into it's collection unit
Pond Restore pump at work
Pond Restore System
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