"Wolffia spp."  or Watermeal is the smallest seed-bearing plant in the world
at less than 1 millimeter. Watermeal is light green in color, and a free-floating
vegetation that typically is found in quiet, nutrient rich wetlands and ponds.
Watermeal can be very aggressive with its quick reproduction in nutrient rich
bodies of water resulting in a lack of oxygen to the water source and fish kills.  
Watermeal can take over a lake or pond within weeks through a process called
"budding." Budding is the result of the plant reproducing a new plant bud. In
ideal conditions a single plant can produce almost 20,000 budding plants in two
weeks. Watermeal should be controlled before coverage of the waters surface
takes place.
Wolffia aka "Watermeal"
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Lemna Minor
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"Lemna Minor"  or Duckweed also small in size (1/16 to 1/4 inch),  is
light green in color with 1 to 4 leaves.  Unlike the Watermeal, Duckweed has
3 or more root-hairs, which protrude from each leaf or frond. Similar to the
Watermeal, Duckweed can be located in quiet waters and is a quick invader
of ponds that needs to be controlled before they cover the waters surface. If
colonies cover the surface of the water, then oxygen depletions and fish kills
again may occur.
"Azolla Caroliniana"  or Azolla (aka Mosquito Fern) is a small free-floating
fern (3/8 to 1 inch wide). Azolla can vary in color from green to red with quilted
looking leaves that hide the single root protruding from each stem. Azolla can
invade quiet ponds and are often found mixed in with Duckweeds and or
Watermeal. Fish, amphibians, reptiles, and ducks use the plant as food and can
transfer the vegetation from one body of water to another. As with the Duckweed
and Watermeal, Azolla should be controlled and removed before coverage of the
waters surface can occur.
Azolla Caroliniana
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